Presenting Grant Loescher

Grant Loescher will perform his BAM! PhD study hosted at the University of Hamburg, under the supervision of Jens Hartmann. He will focus on organic-inorganic interactions in weathering experiments, and how they affect the rate of weathering. It is expected that binding metal cations with organics will speed the overall rate of silicate dissolution. These processes will have implications for the weathering rate in both batch experiments and reactor experiments. 

Grant has moved into Europe from the United States, where he previously worked for the US Forest Service in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He completed his BS in Earth and Environmental Science at Lehigh University, focused on marine hydrothermal geochemistry. He completed his MS in Geoscience at Arizona State University where he researched metal-organic interactions in hydrothermal geochemistry. Grant is passionate about the outdoors and he likes to ski, cycle, and hike in his free time.