Presenting Guillermo Ledesma

Next weeks, we’ll present all PhD fellows and postdocs working on BAM! We start with PhD fellow Guillermo Ledesma Dominguez, who will be hosted at University of Antwerp, with Siegfried Vlaeminck and Sara Vicca as main supervisors. Guillermo will be the ‘bridge’ between the batch experiments and the reactor design, ensuring proper translation of ‘batch’ outcomes into reactor test conditions. He thus has a crucial role in BAM! In his own experiments, he’ll focus on important temporal changes in the weathering process, and how we can optimize the reactor conditions for the biota.

Originally from Spain, he studied a BSc in Biotechnology at the UPV/EHU (Bilbao, Spain), where he developed his interest in and understanding of biochemical engineering and microbial biotechnology. Later, Guillermo moved to the Netherlands to do a MSc in Sustainable Development at the Utrecht University. He’s passionate about teaching and communicating science. His hobbies include hiking, and playing saxophone.