Presenting RP Poetra

RP ‘Aldy’ Poetra is a PhD student at University of Hamburg, in the Jens Hartmann research team at the Institute for Geology. Aldy will specifically focus on the growth of amorphous silica layers around the minerals, and how this affects the rate of mineral weathering. Aldy will also address the physico-chemistry of the weathering reactions, with specific focus on defining optimal physico-chemical conditions for the reactor development.

Previously, Aldy studied his master’s degree in geoscience at the University College London (UCL) – focusing on geochemistry and geostatistics. He investigated here e.g. the occurence of cherry-picking data among geoscientists. He was involved in several projects in the Asia-Pacific region, including geological mapping and geochemistry analysis. In his free time, he likes playing basketball and hiking and he is into ocean sport, i.e., scuba diving.